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TraveLead Domestic Travel Insurance

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Product Highlights
  1. Provides up to ₱1.2 million for accidental death in disablement, up to ₱2.5 million for medical expenses which allow cashless treatment of injury or illness (in-patient). The same plan covers up to ₱5,000 for the purchases of necessary clothing or toiletries in case of baggage delay. It also covers loss of money, document loss, travel delay and re-route, trip cancellation and curtailment as well as personal liability, rental vehicle excess and loss of credit card during the trip.
  2. All plans include 24-hour travel assistance.
Global Emergency Assistance Services
  1. Starr Global Emergency Assistance Services is supported by Assist Card which is one of the subsidiaries of Starr Companies. Assist Card has more than 400,000 service providers providing travel assistance services in 197 countries and 17,000 cities around the world.
Major Exclusions
  1. War, suicide, pregnancy, childbirth, HIV-related illness including AIDS, professional sport, jewelry or accessories, mobile phone, antique, fragile article. Travel in, to or through Afghanistan or Iraq, unlawful acts, pre-existing conditions
Age Limit
  1. Single Trip Plan: An individual applicant must be between 19 years old to 70 years old.
  2. Annual Travel Plan: An individual applicant must be between 19 years old to 70 years old. The policy is renewable up to 75 years old.

General Conditions

  1. An individual applicant must be between 19 years old to 70 years old.
  2. For an insured person aged 18 and below, the maximum sum insured for accidental death and disablement is 25% of the sum insured.
  3. Personal money is not applicable to insured person aged 10 or below.
  4. Coverage is up to 180 days per trip.
  5. Cover will automatically be extended up to a maximum of 7 days at no additional premium in the event a journey is unavoidably delayed upon the Insured's advice to STARR.
  6. This brochure provides a summary of the plan only and is not a contract of insurance. Please refer to the policy wordings for the complete details of the benefits.
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