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As one of the leading providers of non-life insurance in the Philippines, we lead the way in our understanding of the unique insurance needs of international markets. We leverage our experience and expertise to provide our customers Accident & Health, Casualty, Construction, Financial Lines, Marine and Property insurance solutions that provide the most responsive coverage experience. We rely on our global experience and insight in an ever-changing world of risk and build your business with best in class insurance solutions.

At Starr Insurance Philippines, operating with a commitment to compliance and ethics is at the core of all we do. We instill these values in our employees, business partners, and vendors. We are implementing this Charter in accordance with maintaining the highest possible ethical standards.

Our website is created to cater to the E-Commerce products of Starr Insurance Philippines. We expect our employees and other entities, who are authorized to act on behalf of the company to comply with this Charter as this will act as a crucial element of their relationship with the Company.


At Starr Insurance Philippines, we make sure to identify what your needs are. We are committed to providing solutions for the insurance needs of our customers. Complex disruptions like the Covid-19 pandemic have made traditional interactions and transactions challenging and cumbersome. The digital revolution has provided us with another platform with which to conduct our transactions. We recognize that there may still be a hesitation to shift to digital transactions due to concerns relating to data breach. To address this, Starr Insurance Philippines has put in place the best available data security controls. This embodies our commitment to safe and secure operations.

While we want our customers to have the Starr Insurance Philippines experience through our products and services, we make sure customer privacy is maintained and well-guarded. Please see our privacy notice available at: Privacy Policy ( for further information on the information we collect, and how it is handled.

In addition, our Data Protection Officer who is dedicated to all your privacy concerns and needs is available to assist you. You may email our DPO at should you have data privacy concerns.


At Starr Insurance Philippines, we strictly follow good corporate governance in all that we do by maintaining full transparency for all our products and services including but not limited to premiums and its related cost.

We provide our clients and customers with precise and comprehensible product descriptions and coverages along with other additional products and services that can be availed of. We are committed to providing transparent product information. We strictly enforce a requirement to not charge the customers with unknown and unauthorized transactions or products that were not requested.

In addition, we extend this commitment to cover any third parties authorized to act on our behalf through our Third Party Code of Conduct. For more information, please see Compliance and Ethics ( .


At Starr Insurance Philippines, we relentlessly look for ways to improve our services and efficiency in pursuing our goal of meeting our deliverables in an agile and efficient way.

We listen to and understand you and provide solutions based on your needs. As part of Starr Insurance Companies, we have the depth, breadth, and track record for the most complex requirements and situations.

Starr Insurance Companies is a leading insurance and investment organization, providing commercial property and casualty insurance, including travel and accident coverage, to almost every imaginable business and industry in virtually every part of the world.

Our commitment in providing our customers a safe and secure transaction is always in place. We are equipped with the necessary security and encryption for the protection of data and prevention of breach. For further information, please see Internet Insurance Security.

We provide quality services that our customer deserves. From information gathering to policy issuance and fulfillment as well as billing and other back-end processes, we are committed to fast processing and accuracy of all our transactions.


At Starr Insurance Philippines, we appreciate your comments and opinions. Customer's satisfaction is one of our utmost priority. All your questions and inquiries are handled by our competent customer service associates.

We make sure to promptly respond to inquiries and complaints. Our complaint handling procedure can be found under the "Contact Starr" tab of the Starr Insurance Philippines' website. Each and every inquiry and complaint are immediately serviced by the company and we will ensure to provide our best efforts to address them within ten (10) business days.

This Customer Charter is in compliance with the Guidelines on Electronic Commerce of Insurance Products (Insurance Commission Circular Letter Nos. 2014-47, 2016-15 and 2016-60).